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Marking Gauge

Marking Gauge - Bottom points (fixed & sliding), spread

This is a home-made mortising/marking gauge.  It is essentially the product of items from around my workshop coming together to make a very solid, functional marking tool for short distances of less than 5″, as well as the capability to mark a double-line for mortise and tenon joints.  The beam is a short scrap of aluminum Incra T-track.  The sliding fence is made of walnut, sycamore, and hard curly maple.  The fence locks in place with a 1/4-20 stainless steel bolt that slides in the track and is tightened with the knob on top.  The knob was once the front knob on a “Champion” No 5 hand plane that my friend Dave Paine had turned a new set of handles for.  I embedded a t-nut inside of the knob and glued on a cap made from walnut.    All of the wood surfaces are finished 3 coats of tung oil.

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  1. Hi, i love this gauge, simple, stylish, and looks convenient and reliable. I’ll sure going to find such piece of T-track and try to make my own.

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