Ben Sandness

Builder / Thinker / Artist / Designer

Curly Cherry & Walnut Box

Curly Cherry & Walnut Box - Hinge ViewAs the title suggests, this is a box made from curly cherry and walnut.  The box measures 8 15/16″ square by 7 3/8″ tall.  This project was designed mostly on the fly with only materials and rough dimensions decided ahead of time.  The 2:1 box joints were cut my my router table with the help my Incra LS.   I used this tool a lot for this project, including the rabbet the floor, dado the walls to accept the rabbeted edge, the decorative rifling on the under-side of the lid, and the 31/64″ cherry inlays in the top.  The hinges were mortised by hand and all of the final sanding and finish was also done by hand.



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