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Diamond Edge Fore Plane Restoration

Diamond Edge Fore Plane 07

A few months back, I picked up a “Diamond Edge” brand plane that I have been slowly working at bringing back to life. Below are some photos. I started with a thorough cleaning and de-greasing (where needed). I removed the light surface rust from the components, primarily with a soft brass wire wheel. I sharpened the blade, which was in a pretty sad state. I also repainted the inside of the body and the back of the frog since the paint was largely gone. The handle is made of some kind of plastic/composite material (bakelite?) and is cracked. Using scrap from another project, I made a new handle from walnut and maple.  I glued three pieces of wood together (walnut – maple – walnut, grain parallel and parallel to the base of the plane) and traced a handle template that I had made.  I had cut a groove at 60 degrees into the maple section for the long machine screw that extends the length of the handle to pass through. I then drilled holes that roughly lined up with the concave curve at the front of the base of the handle and the top of the back of the handle. The rest was cut out with a coping saw. The sanding was done on my 4″/6″ disc/belt sander, hand sanding, and a convex wood rasp.  Once it was finally shaped and smoothed, I also sanded down the front knob and finished both in 3 coats of satin Minwax oil based poly.  Following this, a fellow craftsman Dave Paine from PA turned a matching walnut and maple front knob which I have finished to match and installed.


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