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Collaborative artwork holds the potential for a variety of outcomes, ranging from feeble failure to unexpected success.  MailBonding is a collection of postal art projects which document the visual dialogue between artists in a postcard format.

MailBonding 2006 & 2007 were structured the same, where every participant was given a postcard with the same image printed on it.  The card was then altered by the participant and returned to be documented.  The cards are then shuffled and sent out for a second round of altering and are again returned and documented.  This process was repeated twice (2006 and 2007, respectively).

MailBonding RE: is a project documenting artistic correspondence through individual postcards altered and sent back as a “reply.”  Participants are free to send virtually anything.  It will be documented, altered, documented again, and returned.  In many cases, the same postcards will bounce back and forth numerous times.  Through this process, the visual dialogue grows in complexity.

These projects exist in an attempt to capture process of a uniquely slow and deliberate form of communication, while simultaneously building community where it otherwise may not exist.

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