Ben Sandness

Builder / Thinker / Artist / Designer
With Craft & Care

With Craft & Care

Resuscitation - Monotype, ballpoint, graphite, acrylic spray paint, marker, collage - 30x22 - 2012_DETAIL1


I am a self-taught amateur woodworker.  I believe strongly in the tradition of craftsmanship.  I work with a genuine care for the materials and tools at hand.  I am seduced by a romanticized perception of woodworking; taking rough lumber through processes of cutting, shaping, smoothing, and joining to make an object.  I revere my tools, most of which have been acquired second-hand.  I admire them for the service that they have provided to another crafts person and continue to give me.  Restoring, maintaining, sharpening, and otherwise caring for these tools is a ritual that I treasure.

This work is an homage to the tools, processes, and materials that I have and use.  The images that I capture and create serve to document the tools that I cherish, while also chronicling my journey